Luxury Living Straight From Vegas

As you may know, Las Vegas is one hell of a city. You can do a lot of fun things in Vegas, like renting luxury vehicles for example. In this case, I’ll show you some good activity about the latest jet rental trends in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Private Jets and Airport Movement in Vegas

Passenger traffic at McCarran International Airport has climbed up 1.3 percent compared with a year earlier. Data released Thursday show nearly 3.7 million people arrived and departed from the Las Vegas airport in June.

The number of passengers flying domestically was up 1.8 percent, while international traffic was up 9.2 percent for the month. Domestic flights account for the vast majority of traffic. Total airport traffic is up 2.2 percent so far this year compared with the same period in 2013. McCarran ranks as the ninth-busiest airport nationally. Southwest is by far its largest carrier, while United, Delta, American and Allegiant round out the top five.

So what’s the big difference between renting a private jet and getting on a first class service, like the one of Delta or American Airlines? The answer is short: Hassles. The less hassles you can come up with, the better.

A plane was diverted into Stansted Airport earlier tonight – with two fighters as an escort. The aircraft, which is understood to have come from Lagos and is reportedly a Gulfstream small business jet, had lost voice communications, according to a spokeswoman for UK air traffic control company NATS. “We could not make voice contact with the plane,” she said.

“The plane was diverted into Stansted and it resulted in a runway closure of eight minutes.” An Essex Police spokesman said that the aircraft landed safely at 7.49pm.

How can you make Jet Rental even cheaper?

Worth cover himself and require provider private flights the maximum value for your money. Some people mistakenly believe that the private aviation industry is heavily regulated and is financially secure.

Most brokers listed third flights operate as mere intermediary agents do not accept any responsibility for the flight. But the risk that it will not occur in the agreed terms is real, being involved large sums of money and complex operations.

In Air Partner’s all different. We offer exclusive contractual guarantees to our customers. We are a listed company, we are audited our accounts and public and have over 50 years experience. We are the first and only aviation company that has the guarantee of the Royal House British, granted by Her Majesty The Queen

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