PingXi Sky Lantern Festival 2010 2010 3618:00-22:00 2600(13) Pingsi township, Taipei County, Taiwan. 2010/3/6 d04154L+d04160LTAIPEI (Taiwan News) — To coincide with the traditional Lantern Festival on the Lunisolarcalendar, the first leg of the 2018 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival () is set for liftoff tomorrow (March 2) in New Taipei City’s Pingxi District, while a second such display will be held later this.Sky lanterns were used in ancient China as a signaling tool in wars. Historians have named Zhuge Liang as the inventor of the sky lantern. He was a military strategist during the Three Kingdom era of Chinese history, popularized in the famous "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" historic novel and various video games based on said novel.Pingxi () and Shifen () are both towns rich in culture and history and provide a nice glimpse at Taiwan’s beautiful natural scenery. Events such as the Sky Lantern Festival draw visitors year round to create a Chinese Lantern () with a wish written on it to set into the sky above.The Lantern Festival is held in different geographical locations each and every year. In 2017, the festival will be held in Yunlin County between the thsr yunlin station and the Agricultural Expo Ecological Park. – Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival. The Pingxi lantern festival () is all about the act of releasing the lanterns into.

This video,, can also be seen at you try the sky lantern at Pingxi, The picture will looks like : , You and the sky lantern are both on the railway, and the whole Pingxi town are under you foots.The Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival takes place once a year, usually in February or March, during the first full moon of the Lunar New Year. The festival has been named one of the 15 Festivals To Attend Before You Die and one of the Best Winter Trips .Find and follow posts tagged pingxi on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. kerrytravel. #taiwan #lantern #pingxi #photographers on tumblr #original photographers. 767 notes. beach-smoothies. #Taiwan #mine #pingxi #travel. 496 Xi Sky Lantern Festival. The Ping Xi District is world famous for its sky lanterns. The annual celebration of the Pingxi Sky Lantern festival attracts large crowds every February. It is believed that wishes on the sky lanterns reaches the deities in heaven, who will in turn grant your wishes. Discover Book Travel Recommends: