This video,, can also be seen at Italian ice business is generally run out of a storefront. businesses operating out of a physical location typically require a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). A CO confirms that all building codes, zoning laws and government regulations have been met. If you plan to lease a location :Italian water ice carts are a unique business opportunity. Water ice is also called italian water ice, Italian ice or shaved ice. Water ice carts can be placed just about anywhere during warm weather.Share It Starting an Italian ice business is an excellent option for many business investors because of its low startup and overhead costs. Italian ice is a part of the frozen dessert industry, which brings in more than $21 billion in revenue each year as of 2009.Online University – Learn how to make Water Ice. Carmen has created an Online University with videos that will allow you to learn the Italian Ice and Gelato Business while relaxing in front of your computer at home.Tranzilli’s real italian water ice wholesale. walk-ins welcome! We stock every flavor, all season. No need to call ahead, just swing by and walk out with a bucket in minutes. **4 gallon pails contain approximately 65-70 small servings **1 gallon party buckets contain aproximatly 17 small servings We pass our savings on to you!Sunset Slush – Classic Italian Ice is the perfect start-up business opportunity for your area. There is a high profit margin and earning potential with Sunset Slush and you need no experience. Our Italian Ice has been manufactured since 1956 and the uniqueness of our Super Premium Italian Ice sells itself. Once people taste it – they will.Philadelphia Water Ice Cart (215) 533-0400.. start Your Own Business For $3295.00. Italian water ice. 4 oz. and 4.4 oz. cups · 8 oz. Cups · 12 oz. Cups · 16.Philadelphia Water Ice is a product and a brand, so if your store is called Mike’s, Joe’s, Ann’s, etc., you can still advertise that you sell Philadelphia Water Ice! We want you to succeed and sell more water ice, and that’s why we created a printed logo cup in three sizes that we’ll sell to you at our cost along with professional point of sale.